Wine master

Thierry Forbois


I approach the preparation of each ceremony with the requirement that this is not a chance to experience a higher state, but the only attempt.

— Thierry Forbois, wine master of The Way of wine

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Born in 1971, Thierry Forbois (born Thierry Fortin Boivin) is a creator, inventor and multidisciplinary artist of French origin. A self-schooled lover of art, science, words, ideas, classical music, starry dawns, and wine, he never outgrew the innocent rapture of childhood, the joy of imprinting the world with his creations. His crowning achievement is the living art of the Way of wine and its ritual, which he also created, along with the vacsellum, vessel of service of the ceremony.

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Always, I exult to the artistic intuition. An intense gleam appears in my eyes as they widen in enjoyment of the new ideas that arise. At the climax of this crisis, my mind is swamped with loose images, sometimes appearing with a startling clarity. I try to model this anarchic eruption, grasping the shadows; drawing arcs and abstract shapes in the air. I feel that eternity is within my reach and that I could create, in an instant, the work of lifetime. Reverting to myself, of this lightning strike remain only the memories of a few squiggles, spectres of sketches and other shapeless snippets. From these pathetic remnants, nothing more can be seen..., but I have preserved the essential: the absolute certainty of having seen... Invested with this faith, I may begin the work of creation; I do not know the road back to this serendipity, but I know it is within me. And then, in front of the blank page, facing the canvas, the lump of clay or the block of wood, I think no more, and just let my hand guide me...

— Thierry Forbois, The Way of wine manuscript, fragment
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Thierry Forbois