the transmutation






the transmutation


Having joined the community of guests, the wine master lifts his glass high, indicating that it is time to drink the wine. In silence, the guests then take all time each of them needs to drink their wine. In the act of tasting, guests allow the wine’s power to act in their bodies, spreading through them with the alcohol’s heat, its smells and tastes. True to the spirit of the Way of wine, guests are invited to drink their elixir without analyzing their felt sensations, but embracing the sensations and staying in the lived experience of their feelings, in the pure motion that inhabits them, without trying to evade it. Surrendering to the moment, they have an opportunity to taste the moment when words lose their power to describe.

From one container to another, from bottle to free-flowing stream to carafe and then to glass, the wine in our bodies transforms, breaking down into all of the forms it has always been, those that predate the bottle, when the wine was still earth, water, and sun, and predate even that moment in time, going back to the farthest recesses of the past, when its essence existed as potential at a point outside of time, at the very origins of the universe, this same point of infinity when we, too, were wine.


The ritual’s initiatory journey