The transmission

The Way of Wine Ritual, Transmissio symbol





The transmission

The Wine Master returns. He approaches the seat of the first guest, carrying an altar candle. Standing before the guest, he grounds himself, closing his eyes for a second before opening them to look straight into the eyes of the guest. He lingers for a moment in the glow of the candle’s light, searching for the being below the surface. Then, descending on one knee, he takes his candle and lights the candle on the guest’s Pedem. He repeats the action for each guest, transmitting his flame, which multiplies as many times over as the number of guests. Once his task is completed, he joins the small group of guests, and takes the only vacant seat. Since the ceremony began, no word has been spoken. The only sound inside the ceremonial enclosure has been music, and this will remain continue until the ritual ends. The time to drink the wine has come.


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