The lift

The Way of Wine Ritual, Portare symbol, Forbois





The lift

One last time, the crystalline voice calls the Wine Master, who returns Petrovinum. From this monolith, he gently retrieves the wine bottle and shows it to the guests, going in measured steps to each of them before returning to Altarium and the vessel of service. Every step the wine master takes is followed by a pause, whose length stretches with every stride. When he reaches Vascellum, the Wine Master stops. Like a dancer lifting his partner for a final carry, he lifts the bottle before inserting it into the matris, an upper appendage that welcomes the bottle into Vascellum, where Vagina*, the vessel of service’s translucent front organ, holds it in place. Its position secure, the bottle is now enclosed in Vascellum. The Wine Master retreats into himself once more, merging with the shadows.

* In classical Latin, the word vagina means “sheath.” Apart from its name, the appearance of the vessel of service’s vagina is also reminiscent of the female sex organ. Its curves are one of the mysteries of its creation. The shape of the vascellum’s anterior organ, which came to Thierry Forbois in a daydream, is like a master key, capable of receiving and containing bottles of every shape and format.


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