The return of clarity

The Way of Wine Ritual, Nitere, symbol, Forbois





The return of clarity

Out of the darkness comes a chanting voice of the purest clarity, calling out: the first cry. A human figure steps forward from the shadows. Candlestick in hand, the Wine Master approaches quietly. The quivering light he carries lifts the veil of obscurity that cloaks people and objects in the room. Eyes discern three large stones: Petrovinum, a monolith where the wine that will be served to the guests is already waiting, a precious liquid taking the shape of the container made of glass and cork that has held it for years, its mother bottle, whose mouth, open with the cork previously removed, offers the wine passage into a new shape; Tolmen, or the table of ablutions; and finally, Altarium, a protrude stone supporting Vascellum*, the Ritual’s vessel of service. Before the Wine Master retreats into himself, the light will have doubles and then triples in brightness.

*A centre of gravity creating the sacred field inside which the guests congregate, the vascellum is the Way of Wine ritual’s most important and indispensable element, a veritable living vessel that allows the wine to be poured from its bottle.


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