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The Way of wine


—  a way of awe  —

experience of the sublime

What is this moment that forces us to leave ourselves, this brief illumination that opens our eyes, makes our necks shiver, shakes our certainties and makes us doubt our age? We are seven years old again, and the world turns back into a marvellous mystery.
— Robert Lalonde

In this age, experiencing a pure moment of joy is rare. Inundated by self-imposed demands, beguiled by an orgy of modern-world distractions, most of us let our lives pass by without ever tasting or knowing, in the delight of our bodies and minds, an authentic moment of abundance.

Fortunate are those who have experienced, at least once, a moment’s grace in which suddenly, like a pause in the chaos, the world reveals itself in a dreamlike flash. Colours become so intense that you can almost feel them. Sounds no longer enter through the ear, but reverberate directly in your head. Smells are so intense that you taste them. Details appear, leaping suddenly out of the void. The world awakens inside you in all its subtlety, vitality and richness. Leaving the golden cage that you have made for yourself, you pierce the world’s veil of appearances and become the movement of life itself. Awe is a profound spiritual experience. It is the soul breathing beneath our masks. It makes our faces open the way sunflowers open wide each morning. At its most intense, awe is resurrection. It revives our senses to their original sensitivity. It revives our intelligence to its vitality. Feelings of awe are triggered by a wide range of phenomena and circumstances, such as natural beauty, impressive art, divine epiphanies or the vastness of space. During the years when the ritual of the Way of wine was gestating, a single thought guided Thierry Forbois as he developed his art: create a moment as an open path to experience the ‘sublime’.


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