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what is the Way of wine

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The Way of wine, also known as the Wine Ceremony, is a living art created and practised by Thierry Forbois during which the presentation of a great wine becomes the object of an extraordinary ritual for an intimate group of guests.

Transfiguring the wine tasting moment into a secular spiritual experience, this «celebration of wine» includes a prelude and three acts, divided into nine movements through which grace and allegorical language unite in music, opens a path toward the self, an awakening of the senses and a renewal of one’s being.

It could be said that the Way of wine is to wine what the Japanese Tea Ceremony is to tea, a sacred moment to take distance from our busy, sometimes frenetic, existences, to experience a higher level of consciousness, but that's where the comparison ends. While the noble art of the Way of tea aims to achieve harmony, respect, purity and tranquility, the Way of wine path is that of rapture and awe, of elation of the senses and of silent joy.

Drinking wine is the purpose of our ceremony.
Drinking wine, simply, for the first time.
Drinking wine is the blessing I wish you …
— Wine master, message to guests before the ceremony